The Best Mobility Scooters

For those with physical handicaps and disabilities, a mobility scooter can help provide freedom and independance. There are many different models and types, from many manufactures and with so many choices. We'll help you find the best scooter for your needs.

A mobility scooter differs from the typical motorized scooters we seen in the streets because of their specialized target audience. Typical mobility scooters have three or four wheels and usually run on a battery as opposed to two wheels and powered by gasoline. But having a mobility scooter would mean knowing what brand and model that will be able to suit the person's needs. The best mobility scooters only are claimed the best when they are able to maneuver and run through rough terrains or narrow hallways in the home. The best mobility scooters are made by Lark, Pride and Electric Mobility. Before making your purchase, it is important to know which brand of scooter is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Lark Mobility Scooters

Lark mobility scooters are generally larger three wheelers best used for moving around tight hallways, swiveling in corridors, and good for getting through those rugged terrains at the same time. The best mobility scooter model currently available from Lark, the Lark 4 Plus, comes with a sleek design, orthopedically designed seats, and easy fingertip controls that allow the user to control with one hand alone or two.

Pride Mobility Scooters

The famous red Pride mobility scooters are available as both three and four wheelers, have larger tires than Electric Mobility or Lark, and are known to be the best mobility scooter in terms of comfort and road maneuvering. Because of its size it becomes rather incapable to use inside the house, but has a lot of nice features to it such as reclining seats and enhanced electronic and motor parts for more power and efficiency. They are also known for offering reconditioned models, which will help budget minded consumers.

Rascal Mobility Scooters

Rascal mobility scooters are usually smaller and more agile than Lark or Pride scooters. The three and four wheel electric mobility scooters offered by Rascal both compact and maneuverable, making them a great choice for in-house use especially when you need to make a 90-degree turn. Aside from this, Rascal scooters come in different types like convertible scooters or foldable scooters, with the company providing other Rascal accessories and products to its customers as well. You can actually have your Electric Mobility scooter converted from a three wheeler to a four wheeler that would be better for outdoor use.

These scooters are great solutions to a person's mobility problems and are designed to suit whatever it is that you are looking for in a scooter. Whether it is a nice compact scooter for indoors or a large and comfy scooter for outdoor fun, there are lots of good brands to choose from.