Rascal Mobility Scooter

Specializing in the electric scooter market, Rascal has makes some of the best mobility scooters available. Rascal mobility scooters are available in many configurations, ranging from foldable and convertible styles to full size mobility scooters.

All Rascal scooters have distinguishable features setting them apart from the competition. Whether your lifestyle demands and inside or outside, or a portable and lightweight or full size mobility scooter, few do a better job of catering to your mobile needs than Rascal.

Foldable Mobility Scooter

The ultimate in mobility, Rascal's foldable scooters are portable and make it easy to transport your scooter without a special lift. As the name suggest, these mobility scooters simply foldup, much like an accordion, making it very easy transport or put away for storage. The Rascal AutoGo 555 is their most popular mobility scooter, with AutoGo 550 and the Rascal Fold & Go 370 being popular models as well.

Convertible Mobility Scooter

Rather than folding up, convertible mobility scooters provide the ability to detach the front basket and steering assembly from the unit. Convertible scooters offer the comfort of converting from mobile to chair mode. The main versions offered are the Rascal 600T (three wheels) and 600F (four wheels). Both convertible models are offered only in red and have step through frame with a basket on the front tiller.

Full Size Mobility Scooter

Rascal also has a wide range of full size mobility scooters, which are built with performance and durability in mind, especially on outside terrain. The most popular models include the Rascal 655, 500T, 300, and the 115. They range from extreme heavy duty for larger people down to more typical scooters designed to offer better mobility in tight quarters like hallways and other areas inside the home.